General topics

Listening lessons. They have exercises to check the comprehension. Besides you have the script to follow the conversations and there is a vocabulary section at the beginning of each listening that will you help understand the dialogue.

Five minutes web

Video lessons about many different topics: greetings, alphabet, colours, nationalities, numbers, dates, can, present simple, present continuous… (they seem very simple but they are not so as they are Real English). Before you watch the videos you should try the exercises.

Real English web

6 minute English. The BBC Learning English site provides you with a variety of listenings on different topics (Journey to Mars; Learning to drive; Robin Hood; Loch Ness Monster…) 

BBC learning English

Elllo (English language listening lab online). There are different lessons in this website. A good way to get started is to try the listenings at the mixer section. You will hear different people answering to the same question. Each speaker’s segment comes with two questions that appear at the end of the audio segment to develop test taking skills 

Elllo website

But as the website has been designed to improve your listening skills you can also try:

Interviews: they are natural conversations with various speakers of English.

Elllo website