Pronunciation Questions


Here you have some examples of the possible PAU questions on pronunciation:

  • Give a word which is spelt differently but which has exactly the same pronunciation as each of the following words taken from the text:
    • One:won
    • hour:our
    • See:sea
    • here:hear
  • Find a word in the text which is pronounced with the same vowel as each of the following words (eg. “mine: sight”):
    • Bed: held, dead
    • made:place
    • Sheep:seat,need
    • no:go, stone
  • Find four words in the text in which the letter “a” has different pronunciations: (eg. with “o”: do, more, not, to) 
    • many/ fact/ wall/ coronations
  • Find one word in the text in which each of the following letters is silent:
    • “t”:often
    • “u”:guided, Conqueror
    • “g”:sights, although
    • “e”:something, are, take
  • Classify the following words into four groups, so that the words in each group rhyme:
    • few/ pair/ tower/ go/ hour/ where/ know/ true/ share/ blow/ our/ shoe
  • Find the word that does not rhyme in the following groups:
    • More - far - war - law
    • Take - break - lake - weak
    • Found - pound - owned - round
    • One - done - gone - sun
  • Underline the stressed syllables:
    • industrial/ totally/ fantastic/ repeat/ noisily