Book reviews




What do you know about the author?

How do you imagine her/him to be from reading the book she/he wrote?


E.g. fantasy, adventure, mystery, realistic, war, comic, comedy, horror, science-fiction (sci-fi), murder-mystery (thriller)…

PLOT (story line)

What happens in the story? A brief outline of what happens

What was the most exciting/unusual/mysterious incident?


Describe the main character/s: physical appearance, look and personality, and the relation to the other characters.

Are they stereotypes?

Did you like the characters? Which did you like best? Why?

What question would you ask the character?


What ideas and topics (issues) does the story deal with? (e.g. early teenagers, family life, friendship, drugs, relationships etc) ?

What did the book make you think about?

How did you feel while reading the book? Did you identified with any of the situations or ideas?


Where did the story take place? ( past, present or future)

How did the writer create the atmosphere for the setting?


What special words did the author use to help you hear, see, smell, taste or feel things?

What specific vocabulary or keywords help to understand the story?


Why did you select this book?

How did the book affect you? Did you enjoy it? Why?

Have you learned anything from the book? (e.g. about yourself, other people, life in general)?

If I had to choose a passage from the book to read to the class, I would read the part where…. (read it in class if you want)


My book is called ...

It was written by ... and was first published by ... in the year...

The story takes place in ...

The main character is called ...

She is a ... sort of person.

The book is about (plot)

The thing I enjoyed most about the book was ...

In my opinion, the book is ...

I would recommend it to .... because ...